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Olivia Simon, born July 1st 1988 in Basel, Switzerland, has always been keen on connecting with people and traveling the world. After studying Hotel Management in Switzerland, she managed a Guest House in Cape Town, South Africa in 2013, where she loved the diversity of both culture and people.A great influence she takes with her as of today is Nelson Mandela, a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary. 
Olivia returned to Switzerland, contributing her talents within a multinational company. 
Whenever Olivia is close to the Ocean, she hears the waves calling, imploring her to grab her surfboard to surf its waves. The first wave she rode was in California, continuing her travels in France then to Portugal with her surfboard in hand. Her favorite excursions were found in "Pura Vida" and "Buena Onda" in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Olivia authored a Blog for ChicaBrava, a Surf Camp in San Juan del Sur, which stands for empowering each others. In the blog she was sharing her unique perspective on this thing we call “life".
Wherever Olivia traveled, she met loving people that she now calls friends.
Olivia traveled to New York in 2019 to bring the excitement of her inner wave to fruition. Singing in New York's Church became an exciting experience for her. She found her spiritual connection as well her expression of it. She was fortunate to find inspiring people and landed an internship with Voice Academy. She also had the opportunity to work with Tony Machine, the Senior Drummer of The New York Dolls and David Johansen.
The intention of Olivia’s first vocal class was to find harmony within her Throat Chakra.
Olivia reports an inner comfort and serenity when growing into the musical part of herself.  This led to lyric writing and a youthful curiosity of giving birth to the melody in her head.  She then acquired a second-hand keyboard and, of course, began writing music! Her writing is meant to be shared with anyone who wants to have a dash of the peaceful volcano's magma. She feels the urge to share the powerful feeling of freedom, peace and home. 
Following her natural enthusiasm to learn more about Taoism and other deeply rooted wisdom, in 2020 Olivia became a student in a Yoga Teacher Training at Patnem Beach, South Goa in India.  
In 2021 she released two songs. "Nothing Has To Be" and "Superhero" landed on the local radio. Which she wholeheartedly enjoyed.

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