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  • Yoga & Energy Treatment. Align your body with movement and stillness.

    105 Swiss francs
  • Yoga kombiniert mit Fantasie. Mittwochs von 14 bis 14.45 Uhr

    CHF 18
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Yoga Classes

The classes integrate learnings from original Japanese wisdom of Dr. Miako Usui. 

It's a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing, Reiki.

Feel free to join.

Vinyasa Flow


In this 60-minute class I invite you to discover and practice of your own flow. I’m thrilled to guide you through a process to flow but in the end, you will go from one point to the other. Your flow is your experience and hence your uniqueness which brings freedom into your mind, your being.

Strength in vulnerability


In this 60-minute class, we are working with facias, meridian lines through organ, combined with Elements such Water, Fire, Wood, Earth and Metal.
Yin is complementary to Yang. They harmonize together. 
With Yin Yoga you find strength in your vulnerability.
I also call this superhero powers!

Movement with fantasy


This is a 45-minute class for kids who love to move around within a story telling class. In this class we all create the story together with imagination sharing.

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